DLP TV Lamps LCD Projection Television lamp Montreal Dupras television - Montreal

DLP TV Lamps LCD Projection Television lamp Montreal Dupras television — Montreal

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Dupras Television

Excellence without compromise.......Since 1952 !!!


If your picture is growing dimmer or has gone away completely, you should look into replacing the lamp for your TV. You have come to the right place.

We are providing the BEST in DLP lamps. We offer the highest quality, PHILIP'S lamp ,no jobber like Osram or cloned lamps. We have bean in the Service & Repair of Television for over 60 years. We are a leading provider of lamps for DLP and LCD projection Television. Buy a lamp from Dupras Television and you will get the excellent service that you deserve. Give us a call at (514) 767-9585.

Or friendly staff is always available to answer any question you may have. We stock lamps for the majority of rear projection DLP and LCD television.

  • Sony lamp  XL-2000 XL-2100  XL-2200 XL-2400 XL-2500 XL-5100 XL-5200

Panasonic lamp  TY-LA1000 TY-LA1500 TY-LA2004 TY-LA2005 TY-LA2006

  • Samsung lamp BP96-00677A BP96-01073A BP96-01472A BP96-01653A BP96-01795A


Hitachi lamp UX21511 UX21513 UX21514 UX21515 UX21516 UX21517 UX25951

  • Toshiba lamp D42-LMP D85-LMP D95-LMP TB25-LMP TBL4-LMP Y66-LMP Y67-LMP Y196-LMP

JVC lamp TS-CL110


RCA lamp

  • And more

Why purchase the Philip's brand lamp ?

Because Philip's is the inventor and market leader of DLP lamp, they are the OEM (ORIGINAL equipment manufacturer) lamp product of 90 % of the DLP and LCD Projection Television. Generaly the TV manufaturers Do Not make there lamps. Philip's is both OEM and Recommended for all brand and models of Television. Philip's DLP lamp are hands down the Best, Philip's DLP lamps Last longer, Philip's lamps are Brighter !!!!!

Expert's agree Philip's lamp's are the BEST !!!!!!

 Dont wait call us now and get your television working today.

We install the lamp for you in the housing  in the shop fro free. Or call for a housecall and we will replace the lamp and do a cleaning & calibration of your DLP or LCD Television.

We accept credit cards. VISA & MASTERCARD



Dupras Television

344 Strathmore, Verdun

H4G 2E4



  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • 344 strathmore,verdun h4g 2e4
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